Online casinos kiss918 are great entertainment systems that you can relish at the convenience of being at your own home. Wherever you may be and whenever you want to, these online casinos will entertain you to your heart’s content while saving yourself the hassle of going to a live casino because these games only require a decent internet connection and any device capable of running the application may it be a tablet, a desktop PC or your mobile phones. Furthermore, with virtual casinos, there’s no need to wait for an opening in the tables or in slot machines. You can jest any game you want, anytime. In the online universe, one of the most sought online casino applications that you can download is 918kiss.


A casino right at your screen


Scr888, previously named as 918kiss, is a popular virtual casino in South East Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. With a friendly and classy design that imitates the like of MGM Grand Las Vegas, the casino atmosphere is not in any way minimized in your phones or in the screens of your personal computer. Scr888 can be found online and the application is easy to download. They showcase a huge variety of casino slot games and you will surely find one that suits your style and taste.


Scr888 Online Slot Games


Here are some of the most well-known slot games that 918 Kiss have created that you can have accession to and enjoy when you download the application


#1 Easter Surprise


Easter Surprise


One of the newest additions is 918kiss’s Easter Surprise game. You can win the game by spinning the slot machine and try to match a perfect line of either an egg, a basket of eggs, or cute little letters.


#2 Phoenix Game


Phoenix Game Online Slots


Phoenix game is a unique multiplayer game that promises you the glorious luck of the phoenix. It is played by letting you coin your bets on the mysterious characters that are available and let lady luck do its part. It is basically an improved revival of the 918Kiss shark game. It is fairly easy to play and easier to win.


#3 Silver Game


Silver Game Slots


Silver is an online slot machine by 888 scr or 918Kiss which has 5 reels, 9 paylines, 5 columns, and 3 rows. It is designed to have that Texas feels in its gameplay and most of the characters used are derived from what we most often see in cowboy movies such as horses, horse shoes , cigar pipes and every county boy’s favorite; a bottle of beer and a barrel of liquor. This game is played by making the characters spin by pushing on the spin button. After pushing on the spin button you will be able to hear clicks, this is when you’ll know that the game’s already begun. You can pick chance and place your bets and you can also choose the auto spin feature which lets you play the game for a specified number of time.


#4 FootBall Carnival Game


FootBall Carnival Game


Score your way to the goal and earn money through the FootBall Carnival game! This game is a new addition to the 2018 pool of  888scr or 918Kiss games. It is a 50 line slot game where you can win in a lot of ways such as hitting on a number of pay lines, having 5 same kinds of characters, and so much more! The FootBall Carnival game starts when you click or tap on the spin button after you place your bets, the next thing to do is just to sit back, enjoy the show and the excellent graphics and win.


#5 Spartan Game


Spartan Game


The Spartan Slot Game m.scr888 is an exciting slot game which is designed with a war-like, ancient times kind of vibes. It has similar gameplay and specifications with Silver; including the number of paylines and reels. This game is made for those who admire the old civilizations.


#6 Shark Game


Spartan Game


Afraid of sharks? Well, the bucks that you gain in this shark scr888 online game will rid you of your fears! The Shark game is a slot game that is beautifully designed as an addition to the amusement that the gameplay brings. You just choose on a character that you like and place your bets, lock on that character and let the slot machine game begin. The next thing you do is trust in your luck, wait for the results and claim your prize. Don’t forget to pray for the Golden Shark to have a shot at claiming the Jackpot!


#7 Top Gun Online Slot Game


Top Gun Online Slot Game


Top Gun is a new addition to the latest slot games of 918Kiss online slots 2018. This game is graphically attractive and is structured based on an action/drama movie starred by Tom Cruise. To win, you just have to place your bets, let the slot machine spin and let luck do its job. Easy game and easy money!


#8 Apple Machine Game


Apple Machine Game Online


The Apple machine game is one of the most popular and most relatable online slot game ever created by SCR888. It is designed with a jolly, cartoonish graphics with a happy clown in the middle. This game is played by placing your bets on the characters such as the apple, bell, and orange; you can place as much bet as you want and you can bet on as many characters as you want. Then click or tap on the start button to get the selector running. When the selector lands on the character that you chose, you instantly win money multiplied slot games Malaysia to how much bets you placed on the winsome character. The gameplay is that easy and winning is likewise.


918Kiss is indeed a marvel when it comes to providing entertainment. It will give you the casino-like experience like you’ve never experienced before. What are you waiting for? Download the app now and have a feel of the best virtual casino experience through 918Kiss.

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  1. I strongly recommend scr888 casino to all fans of gambling entertainment. This is a great way to have a blast. A well-thought-out design, a stunning collection of games as well as a lot of convenient options to replenish the balance. The withdrawals are almost instant, though it depends on the payment system you use. I use an e-wallet to ensure the fastest withdrawals. One my friend once complained that a withdrawal to the card took several hours. Games are interesting, high-quality and with huge rates of return. There is no great need to use any strategies. It is enough to rely on luck.

  2. Just two months ago I came across 918kiss casino. Previously, I’d played only twice with no great success: sometimes I won, other times I lost. I came across this service unexpectedly as I saw its pop-up add. At first, I just liked the design because it was so festive and cheerful. Since I registered two months ago, I’ve been enjoying the casino all the time. A week ago, I was lucky to snatch huge winnings. To be honest, I thought I wouldn’t. The money was withdrawn almost immediately. I recommend it.

  3. The amount for either bonus or withdrawal is limitless. In addition to the deposit bonus, you’re given loyalty points which can be applied not only to slots but also to constantly held tournaments. It feels like this service contains everything from classic fruit slots to slot machines with 243 active lines and 3D graphics. Tournaments, free spins and draw games are the additional advantages.

  4. Just got lots of pleasure having gone to the website of scr888 casino. I am not an experienced gambler, though I still managed to find a service that was honest and reliable. I did it by feeling. The portal is amazing in every way. There are hundreds of exciting slots in the catalogue. I started with the simplest ones. After a month of playing in the casino, I have moved to more exotic ones. The uniqueness of the slot doesn’t affect the rate of return. I was able to win anywhere. Also, the website provides you with generous bonuses including the welcome one, which enables you to earn a good amount of money for withdrawal.

  5. I want to share my impressions after visiting the casino with other gambling fans. I am in no way an experienced gamer. I’m keen on casinos, though I visit them not very often seeing that I lack time. It’s very embarrassing when you go to some service once a week, deposit and get nothing in return. On top of it, you don’t even have enough time to enjoy the game. I’ve been acquainted with gambling for 6 months. This site has not let me down yet. The casino really attracts by a good rate of return, quality online slots and interesting themes. Several times I tried to claim bonuses. But I managed to win back only one. I’m sure that this casino is the most suitable one for robust gambling fans.

  6. I’ve been long familiar with gambling, and 918kiss platform is a really good and honest one. I tested lots of games and this was my favorite one so far. There are a lot of games which yield great winnings. The main thing is to withdraw your winnings as you get them. My strategy is not to be greedy and I recommend this option to you. No other casino provides such generous bonuses, and this is a significant advantage. All menus and design, on the whole, are seamless and well-thought-out.

  7. The casino’s surprised me to the upside as I expected the site to be clumsy and conditions terrible. Finally, I found a good platform with advanced software. New developers are interesting, the first one specializes in online slots of the general theme, though the general trend of designers can be traced. The second is more into typical casino games such as different roulette and its variations. In addition to canonical slot machines, there is support for live games. Most of them are designed by Evolution, and to be honest, it’s the most extensive live casino I’ve ever seen. Unlike many other sites, there are promotions with a serious win. Here you can get a great number of such promotions.

  8. The general opinion about the casino is positive. 918kiss casino looks attractive, the screensavers are not just changing banners, but whole videos. It looks really cool. The interface ensures the convenience as all necessary sections are present and the filter on providers is available. The most important thing is that there is no page load. I used to play only table-top games in stationary casinos, so when slot machines were released online, there were not enough games with real people. Croupiers work clearly and flawlessly. Equally important is the ability to chat with both the dealer and other players at the card table.

  9. scr888 casino is quite young and operates relatively recently, but has already managed to gain a huge fan base. It specializes mainly in slot machines, 95% of all games (about 700) are slot machines. The platform allows you to play for real money (this requires authorization) and interest. All games are available in the demo version; registration is not required. The casino is aimed at domestic users, so there is a Russian version of the site with rubles. Deposits can be made in all convenient currencies.

  10. First of all, I got acquainted with scr888 terms of deposit and withdrawal of funds. It was a lot easier than I thought. I decided to test the application which didn’t take much time. I had a few questions, so the support team responded instantly. There are so many games that there is no need in searching for other platforms. The main thing is to be concentrated and single-minded. There a lot of generous bonuses and special promotions available permanently. In general, this service is great and really worth your while.

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